Wholesale Funfair Equipment

Wholesale funfair equip (omitted form of equipment) refers to the funfair rides in the amusement rides manufacturer’s factory. They produce many sets of funfair equipment, most of them are small in size and they will sold these rides in a large quantity. There are many kinds of funfair equipment that could be sold with wholesale prices.

Kids excavator ride for funfairs
Wholesale Funfair Excavator Ride

Technical Parameter:

Model: BNKE-1B
Rotation degree: 60°, 90°, 360°
Power: 1.58kw
Max. Digging depth: 0.8m
Application: Indoor/outdoor

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Funfair Robot Ride for Wholesale
Kiddie Robot Ride

Technical Parameter:

Model: BNR-B
Diameter: 1.2*1*1.3m
Power: 60w*2
Voltage: 380V
Loading Weight: 75kg
Capacity: 1 or 2 kids

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Electric bumper car, funfair equipment for sale
Electric Bumper Cars

Technical Parameter:

Item: BBN-C
Size: 1960mm(L)*800MM(H)
Passenger: 2
Weight: 220kg
Speed: 10-18 km/h (avg.)
Lighting: LED Headlights and tailights
Color: Red, Purple, blue, red and so on

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Kiddie coin operated amusement rides
Wholesale Coin Operated Rides

Technical Parameter:

Model: BNFY-2A
Size: 1.8*0.9*1.7m
Capacity: 2 persons
Power: less than 10W
Voltage: 12V
Voltage: 220V/50-60Hz

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Wholesale Funfair Kids Excavator

There two kinds of kids excavator rides for wholesale, one is electric excavator ride for kids, the other one is the coin operated excavator. They could rotate within 60 °, 90°, 360°. Max. Digging depth of the excavator is 0.8 meter. The capacity is one. They could dig colorful balls and sand.

Wholesale Funfair Coin Operated Rides

We have many coin operated rides for kids, also called, kids swing car, shaking machine. They are suitable for toddlers and kids and usually seen before the shopping mall and little store. They are small, cheap and profitable for businessmen who are opening a small business. They could be equipped with led lights, music box and other beautiful decorations. We have boat, train, car, excavator and helicopter types in stock. Wholesale price is more favorable.

Wholesale Funfair Mini Carousel Rides

We have ordinary and coin operated miniature carousel rides with 3, 4 or 6 seats. Not all of these seats are made up of carousel horses, usually, we will replace one with a carriage. Mini carousel horses are similar with the large carousel horses, the only difference is they are smaller.

Wholesale Funfair Bumper Cars

In our factory, we produce electric bumper cars, motorized bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars, and fiberglass bumper cars, spin zone bumper cars and water bumper cars. We have 30+ bumper cars in stock for wholesale. Because most of funfairs businessmen need more than one set of cars for their funfair. One bumper car can works well and bring profit to them.

Wholesale Funfair Bumper Boats

As bumper boats has become the most popular water rides. More and more people prefers to play with bumper boats in the hot days. In our factory, we have electric bumper boats, motorized bumper boats, gas powered bumper boats, inflatable bumper boats, coin operated bumper boats and laser bumper boats. Most of people will buy more than 6 sets of them when they are opening a new water business.

Other larger funfair equipment, trackless and track trains, fairground carousels, samba balloon rides, swing rides, pirate ship rides, could also be sold with wholesale prices. Anyone who want to act as agent for our rides could contact us for details about the rides. – Henan Beston Amusement, a leading & professional funfair rides manufacturer In China, always welcome for your visiting!

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