Playground Equipment for Sale in Malaysia

Playground equipment for sale has been more and more popular in the amusement rides manufacturer. As one of the most professional playground equipment manufacturer and supplier. There are many different types of playground equipment that can be exported to Malaysia. They are Indoor playground equipment, park playground equipment, school, daycare and even shopping center playground equipment. Welcome to buy your new playground equipment from Beston Amusement to Malaysia.

B09 Large Commercial Playground Equipment for Indoor

Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale In Malaysia

Indoor playground equipment for sale, also called naughty castles and children castles in our funfair ground rides factory. Through a ...
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Kids Commerical Playground Equipment for Sale

Commercial Playground Equipment for Sale

As one of the most popular funfair rides, there are many types of playground equipment. The most two common two ...
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Lare Park Playground Equipment for Sale from Beston Amusement

Park Playground Equipment for Sale

As one of the most popular rides for kids, park playground equipment for sale are hot-sale in our factory. There ...
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Large Playground Equipment Supplier

Playground Equipment for Sale In Malaysia

One of the most popular fairground and funfair rides, playground equipment has been designed by Beston Amusement. Playground equipment, also ...
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Combinations of Beston Amusement Equipment to Malaysia

All of these playground equipment from Beston are combined with lots components, doors, bridges, slides, tops, ladders, handrails, pillars, climbing pipe and rope net. All of these playground equipment will be contented by buckle piece, there is no sharp objects on the surface. Each of the components has different models and color for us to choose. We use colorful colors with harmony paintings. The ingenious combination of different parts will bring kids happiness. It is a large paradise for kids.

Features of Beston Playground Equipment for Sale in Malaysia

  1. We use quality paints that is hard to fade and will keep the playground equipment brightly.
  2. We promise a solid playground equipment structure for your business in Malaysia.
  3. We supply fashion style, generous and high-end playground equipment.
  4. New playground equipment system, from the column to the top, all of these parts will use aluminum alloy which is durable and anti-rust.
  5. We use quality electrostatic spray on the surface which will makes the color last longer.

General Types of Beston Playground Equipment for Malaysia

There are two types of playground equipment, indoor playground equipment and outdoor playground equipment. Indoor playground equipment also can be divided into two category, one the indoor playground equipment for home use, the other one is the indoor playground equipment for commercial use, such as large shopping malls, supermarkets, large indoor squares. People may use large indoor playground equipment with different theme for kids.

Then, it come to the outdoor large playground equipment. These outdoor playground equipment are suitable for kindergartens, supermarkets, large squares, churches, day cares and funfairs. They are functional and playful for kids. But they are much more expensive than the smaller home use indoor playground equipment.

Beston has exported many sets of playground equipment to Malaysia, we also delivery many other funfair rides, such as, bumper cars, bumper boats, carousels, roller coasters, pirate ship rides, self-control plane rides, etc. We are professional amusement rides manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China. Welcome to our factory for your playground equipment purchasing in Malaysia Now!

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