Octopus Ride for Sale

Octopus ride for sale is a type of spinning amusement park rides for kids that manufacturing in our factory. It is a self-controlled recreation machine that revolves around the central axis. The octopus amusement rides is an outdoor recreation equipment which is suitable for kids and adults. Welcome to buy Beston octopus rides.

Octopus Amusement Rides for Sale
Octopus Rides for Sale

Name: Kiddie Octopus Rides
Rising Height: 1.95m
Power: 15KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 30 persons

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Octopus Rides for Paaking
Octopus Rides for Packing

Name: Kiddie Octopus Ride
Rising Height: 1.8-1.95m
Power: 15KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 30 persons

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Beston octopus rides is driven by a motor. Tourist will sit in the fiberglass frame cabin to finish circles. Novel lighting, beautiful music and other beautiful decorations has made a more attractive rides for customers.

Octopus rides is one of the most popular funfair rides for kids which consists of five large arms that are mounted on the rotary disc of the whole amusement equipment. Additionally, each of the arms will attached 4 cabins.

Details of Beston Octopus Rides

Technical Parameters of Beston Octopus Rides for Sale

Item 5 Arms 6 Arms
Capacity 30 Seats 36 Seats
Cover Area 12m 13m
Height 4.5m 4.5m
Voltage 380v 380v
Power 13kw 15kw
Lifting 1.8m 1.8m

Materials of Beston Octopus Rides

We use steel for the main structure. We use fiberglass for the decorations. We use fiberglass for the cockpit.

Application of Octopus Rides

Popular used in the amusement parks, fairgrounds, funfairs, theme parks, shopping malls, supermarkets, squares, and other public places.

Advantages of Beston Octopus Rides

We use standard accessories which purchase from the regular manufacturers. These accessories are durable. All of the fiberglass and steel products are used car clean paint which are smooth and delicate. Our octopus rides has got lots of good feedbacks from our customer from different countries. Beston kiddie octopus rides has been exported to many different countries, such as South Africa, Pakistan, Nigeria, Russia, Uzbekistan and etc. Beston is a large and professional amusement park octopus rides manufacturer and supplier who has its own amusement rides factory. If you need to buy new octopus rides for your amusement park. Contact us now!

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