Funfair Train Rides for Sale

Train rides are popular in the funfair. There are two kinds of funfair train rides, one is trackless and the other one is the funfair trains with track. As a amusement rides manufacturer for funfair, we have 10+ trains in stock in our workshop. Welcome to Our Factory for Purchase!

Trackless train rides for funfair
BNBT-17A Funfair Trackless Train


Model: BNBT-17A
Parameters: One locomotive, four coaches
Locomotive: 1 person
One coach: 4 persons

Total capacity: 17 persons
Coach quantity can be customized

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Large trackless train rides for sale for funfair
BNBT-41B Trackless Train for Funfair

Technical Parameter:

Model: BNBT-41B
Size: 5200mm×1880mm×2200mm
Parameters: One locomotive, two coaches
Max Speed: 30km/h
Voltage: 80v
Power: 12kw
Total capacity: 41 persons
Coach quantity can be customized

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Funfair Trackless Train

A trackless train ride in the funfair will offers numerous benefits to your funfair. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor places. Trackless trains are green and environmentally friendly since they do not emit any carbon elements. All of our trackless trains are powered by electric. This equipment will help attractive more visitors to your funfair and bring you more overall profits. Just invest in a high quality but affordable funfair trackless train for your business. We, Beston Amusement, will offer you a discount price.

Features of Beston Trackless Trains for Funfair

  • Our trackless trains can go on just about anything such as grass, concrete, wood, gravel or sand, it doesn’t need rails to move about.
  • Our trackless train for funfair use are made of amusement grade fiberglass for durability and strength.
  • They are easy to install and maintain in high traffic areas.
  • We have 20+ different models of trackless train rides for you to choose.

Funfair Track Trains

Funfair track train in the funfair will also provide you lots of benefits to your business. They could be placed in anywhere. Track trains are powered by electric. They are fixed which is different from the trackless train rides. Length of the track are ranging from 8-50 meters available in our factory.

Beston Amusement, as a professional train rides manufacturer, has produced many sets trackless trains for the market and funfair. Purchasing a quality trackless or track train at an affordable price will not be an easy task after all from Beston. We had exported many sets of trackless and track trains to different countries, Australia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Thailand and South Africa. Our trains worked well in these places.  Except for funfair train rides, we also produce many other different fairground equipment for kids and adults. Welcome to Visit Our Factory!

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