Funfair Rides for Sale In Malaysia

Many Kinds of Funfair Rides for Sale with Reasonable Prices from Beston Amusement – A Leading Manufacturer in Amusement Rides Industry. We Produce Thrill Rides, Children’s Rides, Fairground Carousels, Dodgem Bumper Cars and Some Other Vintage Amusement Park Rides for Funfairs. Our Rides has Achieved Many Certifications and we have Our Own Factory! Take a Peek on Our Premium Amusement Park Rides:

Funfair samba balloon rides for sale

Item: BNSM-8E

Space: 10*10m
Passenger: 24 person
Cabin: 8 cabins
Speed: 6-8 rmp
Power: 8.5kw

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2 seater funfair human gyroscope rides

Item: BNHG-2A

Diameter: 4*3M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 3KW
Capacity: 2persons

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16 seats funfair chair swing rides

Item: BNFC-16A

Turntable Diameter: 5M
Rotary Diameter: 8M
Height: 3.5M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 4KW
Capacity: 16 persons

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Large disco rides for funfair

Item: BNDR-24C

Height: 8M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 37KW
Speed: 11m/s
Capacity: 24 persons

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Funfair tagada ride

Item: BNBT-24A

Diameter: 8×8m
Power:  25KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 24 persons

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Children’s Funfair Rides from Beston Amusement:

There are many kinds of funfair rides for kids, for example, carousels, different types of bumper cars, chair swing rides, trackless and track trains, samba balloon funfair rides, big-eye plane rides, le bar car rides, robot rides, ocean walk rides and many other custom rides.

Fairground carousel fro sale

Item: BNBC-8A

Diameter: 5.5*2.8m
Power:  2.2KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 8 persons

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Carousel funfair rides, as one of the most popular rides on the funfair, can be divided into several types in our factory, miniature carousel for kids with 3 to 6 horses or carriage. Medium carousel rides with 12- 24 horses and the double decker carousel rides with 36 or 48 seats. More of these carousel seats are made of small or larger carousel horses which are made of fiberglass and painted with different colors. But these seats could also be replaced by other animals or just a carousel carriage. All of these could be customized according to our customer’s special requirement for their funfair.

Chair swing rides can be divided into two types, one is the normal types swing rides, the other one is kiddie theme swing chairs. Swing rides is similar with the carousel equipment, the only difference is swing rides are made up of several chairs. Chairs of normal swing rides are made of normal chairs while kiddie theme swing chair rides are made of watermelons or animals.

There are two types of tourist train rides, one is trackless train, and the other one is track train rides. Holding up a success funfair, people should consider more factors when choosing trains for their funfair.

Additional Information:

What is funfair and what is the usage of funfair?

Funfair is a carnival of sorts which also known as a tiny traveling show. On the funfair, there will be many amusement rides for small children and adults. It is similar with an amusement park, but the difference is amusement park could be consider as a funfair, but a funfair cannot be consider as an amusement park. Because amusement parks will planted many kinds of plants and flowers, people could have a walking after dinner. But funfair is a place for people to enjoy different kinds of amusement rides.

There are two kinds of funfair, one is the traveling funfair, and the other one is the fixed funfair. The traveling funfair is a small or medium-size traveling show which contains different kinds of movable funfair rides, most of these rides are installed on a trailer, for example a samba balloon ride with trailer, a small carousel with trailer, most of the funfair rides are smaller in size which shown in the traveling funfair. But for a fixed funfair, there are all kinds of rides listed. Small rides like carousels, self-control plane rides, mini ferris wheel, coin operated rides, large rides like double layer carousel rides, pirate ship rides, disco rides, huge thrill rides like parachute ride, swing tower ride, large roller coasters. All of these rides will be present in the fixed funfair.

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