Funfair Fruit Swing Rides for Sale

Fruit swing chair rides, also called fruit whirlwind or watermelon swing rides. It is a new designed fairground swing rides which is popular to funfairs, amusement parks and fairgrounds in Beston Amusement. We adopt watermelon shape seats which is colorful. On the top cornices and the central column of the fruit swing chair rides, there equipment with lanterns which is beautiful in the night. Passengers sit in the swing chair will experience of the flying feeling.

Kids Fruit Swing Rides for Sale
BNFS-16A Kids Fruit Swing Rides

Model: BNFS-16A

Size: 8*4.8m
Passenger: 16 kids
Power: 3.5kw
Voltage: 380
Speed:  6 circle/s
Color: Watermelon color or mix

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Technical Parameters of Beston Funfair Watermelon Swing Rides

Size of the Swing Rides 8*4.8m
Capacity 16 Passengers
Power 3.5kw
Working Power 50Hz/380V
Running Speed 6 circle/s
Area 12*12m

More Information about the Fruit Swing Rides for Sale

Beston new fruit swing chair ride is a newly designed rides with new shape of a rotating fruit plate. All of the swing seats are made of watermelons, kids sitting in the watermelon cockpit chair, enjoy the rides. Also there is a big fruit plate above the equipment. The plate is surrounded by bananas, apples, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, rhubarb pears, oranges, orange, melon, apricots, and grapefruit. Really a great attractive rides for kids in the funfair.

A new-design kiddie fruit theme swing ride for kids will be popular with kids. You can ask us for price list now!

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