Fairground Rides for Sale Cheap

Amusement rides for fairground has many types in the fairground rides manufacturer’s factory. As a professional amusement rides manufacturer, Beston Amusement produces quality fairground rides with cheap prices for different usage, amusement parks, funfairs, carnivals, shopping centers and other fairgrounds. We provide cheap factory price amusement rides.

Large disco rides for sale for fairground
Fairground Disco Ride


Model: BNDR-24C
Height: 8M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 37KW
Speed: 11m/s
Capacity: 24 persons

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Lists of Beston Cheap Fairground  Rides for Sale

There are many models of fairground rides for sale in our factory. Cheap price with high quality makes our fairground rides more popular in the amusement park. here is the list of cheap fairground rides for sale from our factory.

Cheap Trackless Train & Track Trains for Fairground

Electric trackless train rides for sale
Electric Trackless Train


Model: BNBT-19A
Size: 14620mm×1450mm×2100mm
Parameters: One locomotive, three coaches
Max Speed: 20km/h
Weight: 2300kg
Total capacity: 19 persons
Coach quantity can be customized

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Tourist train rides has been one of the most popular rides for fairground. There are many models in the factory of amusement park rides manufacturer according to its sizes and appearance. Trackless train does not require fixed area, they carry passengers from one place to another, but trackless train requires a permanent track with diameters of 8 or even 20. Track trains need more areas while trackless trains are free to use. Train rides are safe and easy to operate for passengers. We produce different kinds of train rides with cheap price for fairground use.

Family Rides with Cheap Price for Fairground

Family rides have large capacity. They have a large cabin which could contains 4, 5 or more passengers at the same time. Perfect fairground rides for family fun. They are hot-sale in our factory, but sold with cheap factory prices with high quality.

Cheap Large Amusement Rides for Sale for Fairground

Large fairground rides are necessary for the fairground, they have a large volume, ferris wheels, roller coasters, disco rides and etc. We supply cheap large amusement rides, but we use high quality materials for each parts of these large amusement rides.

Cheap Coin Operated Rides for Fairground

Right before the shopping center and stores in the fairground, we often see some small carton rides for kids that operated by coins which mean once you inserted some coins, the small equipment will start working and swings with sweet music. They all equipped with beautiful decorations, they are attractive to kids in different age groups. They are smaller and cheaper than other rides.

Cheap Fairground Bumper Cars for Sale from Beston

There are many kinds of bumper cars in our factory. Battery bumper cars, electric powered bumper car, motorized bumper cars, ground grid bumper cars, floor grid bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars and even water bumper cars. Bumper cars are small and they can be sold with one set. They are cheap and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A profitable ride for funfair and amusement park, isn’t it?

Advantages of Cheap Fairground Rides for Sale

  • Cheap factory prices with highest quality
  • We have many amusement equipment in stock for customers to choose.
  • We produce quality and novel design kids and family rides.
  • Small, large and even huge (roller coaster, ferris wheel, disco rides) are all available.
  • Our cheap rides accept customized orders.
  • We provide installation video and all round post and pre-service.
  • We supply different payment and transportation methods.
  • Our equipment has passed the BV, ISO9001, SON, ISO, CE certification.

We has exported many sets of fairground rides to India, Pakistan, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and etc. Customers from these countries bought our equipment by a lower price, at the same time, they enjoy a high service products. Our amusement equipment got popular as soon as they had been installed. Beston, here, waiting for you to Our Factory!

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