Fairground Equipment for Sale

Beston Amusement is specialist in the sale of different kinds of fairground equipment, thrill, family, kids & coin operated fairground equipment are all available to buy. We focus on designing and producing new fairground equipment for different fairground sites. Cheap factory price with high quality rides will be provide.

16 Seat Fairground Carousel Equipment for Sale
BBF-A Fairground Carousel

Technical Parameter:

Item: BBF-A
16 persons

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Fairground Samba Balloon Rides for Sale
BBF-B Fairground Samba Balloon

Technical Parameter:

Item: BBF-B
Space: 10*10m
Passenger: 24 person
Cabin: 8 cabins
Speed: 6-8 rmp
Power: 8.5kw

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Fairground tea cup rides for sale
BBF-C Fairground Tea Cup Rides

Technical Parameter:

Item: BBF-C
Cover Area:
Height: 2.6m
Power: 13.5kw
Capacity: 24 people with 6 cabins
Speed: 4-6 circle/min

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Classification of Fairground Equipment for Sale in Beston Workshop

  • Thrill fairground equipment ranked 1st in the fairground, they bring tourists more thrill fun. Thrill fairground are large in size and expensive in prices. People who need large thrill rides should have large spare areas.
  • Fairground trains, as one of the most popular transport tools in the amusement parks, funfairs and fairgrounds, comes from different appearances and sizes in our factory. They can be electric & battery, they can be trackless & track, they can be large & small. Any types you need, you will get them in our factory.
  • Coin operated fairground equipment will give kids more wonderful memories. They are small in size and usually accommodate one or two kids at the same time. They can be a horse, a car, a post office or even a train locomotive.

We also work along slide your fairground and amusement park project, planning layouts, novel rides and fairground themes, etc. We provide free fairground rides service when you need to build a new fairground. We have a large number of new fairground equipment for sale in our factory, some small rides, bumper cars, bumper boats, coin operated rides are in stock, while large equipment, like ferris wheel, roller coasters, pendulum rides are all needs to custom. If you feel interested in our new equipment, email us your requirements and our sales manager will email you the amusement rides catalog and their price list that meets your requirement. You can also call us directly, parts of our sales managers contact information are posted in the contact page. You are also welcome to our factory for a visit in China.

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service for fairground, funfairs, amusement parks or even individual amusement rides you need. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. If you had prepared the land for your amusement rides business, we can also send one of our team members to your site and advise the perfect rides with a limited budget.

Additionally, you can also scan our website on other related pages and select class of the amusement rides and class of your rides. Email us directly bysales@amusementrides.my for the price and recommended fairground rides lists. We are here look forward to hearing from you and welcome to our factory.

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