Fairground Attractions for Sale

When you opening a new fairground amusement, you should purchasing lots of fairground attractions for your business. They could be Ferris wheels, carousels, bumper cars, swing rides, bumper boats and some other rides. Fairground attractions, also called fairground rides, amusement rides, funfair rides, are mechanical devices or structure that carrying kids and adults to create enjoyment. They can be thrill and flat, they can also be big and large. All kind of amusement rides are suitable for your fairground.

Fairground Tea Cup Rides for Sale
BNA-24A Fairground Tea Cups

Item: BNA-24A
Cover Area:
Height: 2.6m
Power: 13.5kw
Capacity: 24 people with 6 cabins
Speed: 4-6 circle/min

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Fairground always contain a mixture of amusement attractions which can be divided into the categories of adults, teenager and toddlers, usually including thrill rides, kiddie rides, coin operated rides and so on. These fairground attractions mainly present for people who want to enjoy the rides on the fairground and some amusement parks. Here is the detailed classification of Beston New Fairground Attractions.

45 Meter Ferris Wheel for Fairground
BNFW-45A Fairground Ferris Wheel

Item: BNFW-42A

Totals Height: 42M
Rotation Diameter: 40 Meter
Running Time: 8rmp
Number of Cabin: 24
Power : 25 kw
Area: 28*31 Square Meters

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Fairground Thrill Attractions

For this kind of fairground attractions, there is a limit to the size of the rides, which means, thrill attractions mainly refers to the large attractions, such as, roller coaster, pendulum rides, disco rides, Ferris ring rides. With its new variations on ways to spin, they will also throw passengers around the equipment. Because of this kind of working system, these thrill rides really attract lots of customers.

Fairground Train Attractions

There are two kinds of train rides, trackless and track train rides on the fairground. For trackless trains, they worked as a transported tool in the amusement parks and the fairground to carry passengers from one place to another. This is perfect for a large fairground not small. Track trains are fixed in some place and hard to move. They need a rail or a track with a length of 8 to more than 20 meters to running the train. Train rides are suitable for family because most of the carriages can accommodate 4-5 passengers.

Kiddie Attractions on the Fairground

This kind of attractions are smaller, they are platform based rides like tea cup rides, carousel rides, kiddie toys, coin operated rides, train rides, and other smaller version of the adults rides, for example, ferris wheel, bumper cars, roller coasters, pirate ship rides, pendulum rides and so on. These rides are comfortable for kids and safe enough to kids. Also, there are other items for kids, playground equipment, inflatable slides, bounce houses and other bumper boats.

Beston Amusement, as one of the most popular fairground attractions manufacturer in China, will provide you all kinds of fairground attractions with different sizes and appearance. We offer cheap fairground attractions with high quality. All our rides could be sold to our customer with a factory price. We are large amusement rides manufacturer, we have our own factory and a large quantities of experienced workers and professional designers and engineers. We has rich experiences in exporting amusement rides to different countries, we had made business relationship with some amusement parks, funfairs, fairground, family fun center and shopping malls in South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Pakistan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Palestine and many other countries. Welcome to our factory for new fairground attractions.

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