Fair Rides for Sale

Kinds of new fair rides for sale with cheap factory price suitable for state fairs from Beston Amusement. No matter which kind of fair you need to decorate, trade fair, state fair, travelling funfair, travelling carnival or country fair, we can offer you the best amusement rides for your business.

16 Person tagada rides for fair
BNF-16T Tagada Rides

Technical Parameter:

Model: BNF-16T
Diameter: 8×8m
Power:  22KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 16 persons

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The purpose of fair is gathering people for a variety of entertainment or commercial activities. But the purpose of fair amusement rides is to make people enjoy themselves. With different kinds of amusement equipment, small fair rides, kid’s fair rides, coin operated fair rides or even some thrill (crazy) fair rides, people could find the favorite one.

Miami amusement rides with 10 seats for country fair
BBF-10B 10 Seat Miami Fair Ride

Technical Parameter:

Model: BBF-10B
Capacity: 10 persons
Height: 3m
Running Height: 1.45m
Area: 10*3.5*5m
Power: 10kw
Voltage: 380v

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As a professional fair rides manufacturer, Beston produce all kinds of fair rides with high quality. Here is the fair rides list from our factory (mainly including 6 categories):

Popular Fair Rides Big Fair Rides
Spinning Fair Rides New Design Fair rides
Kids Fair Rides Crazy Fair Rides

Popular Fair Rides

17 Person Trackless Train for Fair
BBF-17A Smile Trackless Fair Train

Technical Parameter:

Model: BBF-17A
Parameters: 1 locomotive, 4 coaches
Locomotive: 1 person
One coach: 4 persons: 
1 person
One coach: 4 persons
Total capacity: 17 persons

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There are many kinds of fair amusement rides which is suitable for the fairs. Among of which, trackless trains, bumper cars, carousels become popular. When people holding a fair, they need lots of rides for fair. Fair always gathering lots of people in a scheduled times and lasting for an afternoon, several days or weeks. As a manufacturer, Beston produce more than 10 types of trackless trains with different sizes, colors and themes. Beston produce different kinds of bumper cars, electric powered bumper cars, battery operated bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars, ceiling grid & ground grid bumper cars and water bumper cars. Beston produce sets of carousel, mini carousels with 3-6 seats, common carousel with 12-36 seats, double layer carousel rides with 48 & 54 seats.

Electric Powered Bumper Cars for Sale
BBF-2A Electric Bumper Car for Fair

Technical Parameter:

Model: BBF-2A
Size: 1960mm(L)*800MM(H)
Passenger: 2
Weight: 220kg
Speed: 10-18 km/h (avg.)
Lighting: LED Headlights and taillights
Color: Red, Purple, blue

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Double layer carousel for sale for fair use
BNF-36A 36 Seat Double Layer Carousel

Technical Parameter:

Model: BNF-36A
Turntable Diameter: 10M
Rotary Diameter: 15M
Height: 8M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 10 KW
Capacity: 36 persons

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Big Fair Rides

Big fair rides suitable for adults and teens. They could take good care of themselves during the trip. For this category of fair rides, Beston provide you pirate ship rides with 8-40 seats, pendulum rides with 6-24 seats, disco rides with 24 seats, ferris wheel rides with a height of 30-170 meters. Tagada rides and surf up rides.

Ferris Wheel for Fair Use With 45 Meter
BNFW-42A 42 Meter Ferris Wheel

Technical Parameter:

Model: BNF-42A
Totals Height: 42M
Rotation Diameter: 40 Meter
Area: 28*31 Square Meters
Power: 25 KW
Capacity of the Wheel: 96

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Amusement park pendulum rides for sale
BNF-16P 16 Person Pendulum Rides

Technical Parameter:

Model: BNF-16P
Diameter: 6×5.5m
Power:  30KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 16 persons

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Spinning Fair Rides for Sale

Spinning fair rides mainly refers to the amusement rides that spins and goes in circle. These rides usually have several arms, lots of cabins will be suspended to these arms. 3-4 passengers could be accommodated at the same time. We have self-control planes rides with 12-24 seats, samba balloon rides with 16 &24 seats, swing chair rides, jellyfish rides and octopus rides in stock.

Kids Fair Rides for Sale

Kids will bring more passengers and profit for the state fair. So, lots of fair rides for kids has been made by the amusement rides manufacturer. For Beston Amusement, we have trains, coin operated rides, playground equipment, bumper cars, bumper boats, go-karting, kids excavator rides and kiddie robot rides in stock.

Crazy Fair Rides for Sale

Till now, we manufacture two kinds of crazy fair rides which including large roller coaster and tower rides. There are 2 ring, 3 ring, 6 ring roller coaster and 24, 36 seats tower rides that suitable for large fairs.

New Fair Rides You Can Buy from Beston Company

Except for the above fair rides, we also design new amusement rides that suitable for country & state fairs. Our new fair rides mainly include human gyroscope rides with 2, 4, 6 seats, spiral jet rides, paratrooper rides, commercial playground equipment for kids with different sizes. We also accept customizable order, anyone who want to buy custom new fair rides should tell us details about the rides he need.

Are you still looking for some special new fair amusement rides? Choose Beston Amusement. We are one of the largest amusement rides manufacturer in China who has exported many sets of amusement rides to different fun fairs, carnivals, amusement parks, large fairground, theme parks and other outdoor & indoor activities. Try to contact with our sales manager for price or just leave message by our contact form, our sales manager will reply you as soon as possible. We can help different customers from different countries (Australia, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa, US, UK, Canada) to design and get the best equipment for their fairs. Also welcome to our factory.

Additionally, except for the new fair rides selling, we also provide amusement parks, fairs design. We can help you making the decision which fair ride would fit your fair business the best. We do the fair rides configuration, choosing colors, paint, size and theme, arranging transport, shipping, first set up, and training of your staff and delivery. We also calculate the lowest freight for all the equipment you need, because our sales manager has rich experience in exporting amusement rides.

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