Carousel Rides for Sale In Malaysia

Carousel rides for sale in Malaysia, popular kiddie rides for amusement parks.Carousel ride has a novel appearance and beautiful colors. It is a amusement equipment that young friends are very fond of. After the start of the carousel ride, the turntable rotates at a constant speed, and the carousel horses of different shapes follow up and down, which makes tourists feel the vertical whip and the battlefield. This equipment is suitable for densely populated places such as park playgrounds, children’s palaces, living squares and communities. It is made of FRP material and has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and good stability. It can be customized according to the site conditions. Need one for your business in Malaysia? Contact Beston Team now!

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Component of Beston Carousel Rides for Malaysia

What are the components of the carousel rides? Many customers buy children’s play equipment when they are not very clear about the specific components of the equipment. Today Zhengzhou Beston professional amusement equipment manufacturers will introduce you to the components of the grand carousel rides, which are easier to maintain and repair. To complete maintenance and repair work, to improve efficiency. For the time being, we divide the equipment into the middle and bottom of the top. The whole body of the equipment consists of a central column running through the top, middle and bottom.

 Beston Carousel Rides for Sale
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Carousel Rides for Sale In Malaysia
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The top of the equipment consists of an umbrella stand, an umbrella stand, an umbrella stand connecting rod, an umbrella cloth and an umbrella cloth rope. In addition, with the outer glass fiber reinforced plastic decoration, the top crown ball, the sun board and the light trough form a beautiful one.

The middle part of the carousel equipment is mainly connected by the FRP at the center, the outer support rod and the middle stirrup. The horse runs through the horse body and the stable and the horse cover underneath.

The bottom of the carousel ride is composed of motor, large plate, track, rail connecting rod, walking wheel and peripheral decoration. The motor is driven to complete the rotating action.

Grand Carousel Rides for Sale
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Technical Parameters of Beston Carousel Rides

Turntable. It is usually made of steel and tread plates or steel and wood. The steel is made into a fan-shaped frame, and then a circular frame is formed by a fan-shaped frame, and a pattern or a wooden board is attached.
Ceiling. It is usually made of trusses and shed cloth or fiberglass.
Drive Mechanism. It is generally composed of an electric motor and a speed reducer. The function is to convert the power provided by the electric motor into the motion required by the carousel to complete the transport and up and down movement required by the carousel design.
Operate the console. Various buttons and indicators are distributed on the surface panel of the console, and various control components and electrical switches are installed inside, which is convenient for the operator to control the operation of the device.

Why Choose Beston Carousel Rides for Malaysia?

Beston Amusement is a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier. You can find all kinds of amusement park rides, which including bumper cars, trackless trains, ferris wheel rides,swing rides and carousel rides. For carousel rides, different types of carousel rides can be manufactured in our factory. Our carousel rides and other amusement rides has been exported to Malaysia for many times. If you want to get one set for your funfair. square and amusement parks. Send your inquiry now! Beston sales team will reply you as soon as possible. Our official email:

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