Carnival Swing Ride for Sale

Carnival swing ride for sale, also called swing ride, chair swing rides, flying swing ride, wave swinger and swing carousels. It is one of the most popular chair and spinning rides in our factory. The swing ride or chair swing ride (sometimes called a swing carousel, hurricane swing rides, wave swinger, yo-yo, Chair-O-Planes or swinger) is a fairground ride that is a variation on the carousel in which the chairs are suspended from the rotating top of the carousel. On some versions, particularly on the Wave Swingers, the rotating top of the carousel also tilts for additional variations of motion.

32 Seat Swing Rides for Sale
BNFS-32A 32 Seat Swing Rides

Model: BNFS-16A

Size: 12*5m
Passenger: 32 kids
Power: 6.5kw
Voltage: 380
Speed:  6 circle/s
Color: Grand, golden or others

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Types of Chair Swing Rides for Sale for Funfair

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24 Seat Swing Rides 32 Seat Swing Rides
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More about Chair Swing Rides

Flying chairs, a very popular rides for kids in the funfair. The hurricane fly chair flying in the air just like a large umbrella that shaking his head. There are many sets of small chairs that hanging under the large, beautiful, delicate and safe umbrella. When the big umbrella begin to swing, these smaller chairs will dancing in the sky. At the same time, when the swing rides starting, passengers on the suspended chairs will enjoy the thrill feelings and achieve the happiness. Flying chair rides is the combination between spinning and lifting. It is one of the most attractive amusement rides for fairgrounds, amusement parks and funfairs.

Beston is a large amusement park swing rides manufacturer and supplier, we have our own factory and large workshops in Zhengzhou, China. We has involved in the export industry for more than 10 years. Our swing rides had been exported to South Africa, Pakistan, Nigeria, Brazil, Philippines, Denmark, Hong Kong and etc. Our new swing rides has been popular in these countries. Welcome to our factory for new amusement rides.

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