Bumper Cars for Sale in Pakistan

Bumper cars for sale in Pakistan, a types of popular and hot-sale amusement rides for funfair and amusement park in Pakistan. Bumper car rides is a mobile amusement rides that usually includes bumper car cars and indoor space. There are electric and battery operated bumper cars for Pakistan. Battery bumper cars has become more and more popular and they are cheaper than the electric bumper car. But electric bumper cars gives passengers more real riding experience. Anyone who want to buy new bumper cars for Pakistan? Choose Beston Amusement.

Beston New Battery Operated Bumper Cars

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Ceiling Grid Electric Bumper Car for Sale

Electric Bumper Cars for Sale for Malaysia

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Dodgem Bumper Cars for Sale

Dodgem Bumper Cars for Sale

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Black and White Fairground Bumper Cars for Sale

Fairground Bumper Cars Sale

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Blue Fairground Dodgem Cars for Sale

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Capacity of Our Bumper Cars for Sale in Pakistan

Most of bumper cars will accommodate 2 passengers at the same time, but we also produce small bumper car cars for kids that only accommodate 1 person. Size and capacity of these bumper cars you want to buy for Pakistan could be customized according to your requirement.

Popular Types of Bumper Cars for Sale in Pakistan

Electric Types Bumper Cars Battery Operated Types Bumper Cars
Water Types Bumper Cars Inflatable Types Bumper Cars
Single Seat Bumper Cars Double Seat Bumper Cars

Electric Types Bumper Cars for Pakistan

Electric powered bumper cars need indoor space and special floors for working. These bumper cars are surrounded by rubber made of aprons. They will received by the ceiling of the vertical to take electricity. They will draw power from ceiling or floor.

Battery Operated Types Bumper Cars In Pakistan

Battery operated bumper cars are different from the electric bumper cars. There are 2 sets of batteries for each set of bumper cars. Battery bumper cars are free to control, they needn’t specific floors and could run on everywhere that is flat or even cement places.

Water Types Bumper Cars for Pakistan

Water bumper cars, also called bumper boats. There are many types of water bumper cars for sale and really hot-sale for Pakistan customer.

Inflatable Types Bumper Cars

Inflatable bumper cars are cheap and light to carry. They are popular sale these days since they had been produced. Inflatable bumper cars are popular used in different places, such as amusement parks, funfairs, squares, backyard and other places with flat floor. Need to buy different types of bumper cars for your business in Pakistan? Contact us now!

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